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Why is my Epson printer offline

by Will Kessler
Why Is My Epson Printer Offline

Epson is one of the largest printer manufacturers currently in business, providing printers, scanners, and other office equipment for both homes, business, and industrial purposes. As is the case with any other make and model, sometimes you will need to reset it to regain its functionality. Resetting can resolve issues such as an overcrowded and stuck printing queue, instances where the printer simply is not receiving printing tasks, or it continues to print the test page, as well as many other problems. Today we will show the simplest ways of resetting your Epson printer so it regains operating condition as soon as possible.

How to Reset Epson Printer

There are multiple ways you can reset your Epson printer, with the most obvious one being the reset button that is a feature with some Epson printers. It is located on the rear end of the device. It is a tiny circular recess that requires a thin tool to depress, such as an unfolded paper clip. Make sure that the printer is powered on, and then press and hold this button for a couple of seconds to execute the factory reset procedure. Check out the official Epson Printer Manual to check whether or not your printer has a physical reset button.

If this did not work, there are more things you can do to repair the issue. One of the most common issues with most printer makes and models, which is more related to the Windows operating system, is the Print Spooler service which tends to lock up and prevent your printer from functioning normally. To reset this service, click on the Start button and type in “services.msc” into the search bar. On the following window click on services and then locate the Print Spooler service. Right-click on it to stop it, and then right-click on it again to start it up.

Keep in mind that this is the incomplete version of our troubleshooting article related to resetting procedures for printers made by Epson. There are a couple of more things to cover here, so if the above issues did not help you solve your problem, please hold on as we are working on a fully featured article covering more possible solutions.

This article is part of our Epson Printer Troubleshooting series where we explore and solve the most common issues with Epson Printers. This article is still pending so come back later!