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TransAct Epic 950 – One Printer for All Games

by Aga Frost Nilsen
TransAct Epic 950

TransAct Technologies Inc.’s location is in Hamden, Connecticut, developing software-driven solutions for printers required in the casino and gaming, oil and gas, POS automation, and other quickly growing markets. The company was founded in 1996 by Bart Shuldman, an expert in manufacturing and sales management. TransAct focuses on developing solutions from scratch, contouring the designs to fit customer’s needs. As a result, several sub-brands of TransAct products separate individual markets, such as BOHA!, AccuDate, EPICENTRAL, Epic, Printrex, and Ithaca. With over 3 million printers to date, TransAct also has options in terms of consumables for these units on sale. For example, casino and the gaming industry requires reliable and feature-rich printers and the Epic 950 printer checks all the set requirements.

Features of the TransAct Epic 950 Casino Printer

A typical casino-spec printer needs to be reliable and robust at first, as there is a lot of daily operational activity on these devices. The Epic 950 got engineered with this problem in mind. So far, there are more than 750,000 of these units installed in casino establishments across the globe. Its exterior design is done in such a way to allow for quick and easy upgrade of existing slot machines and to make things better. In addition, the company provides free firmware updates. This printer is also hot-swappable, so one can swap it out without turning off the machine itself. Epic 950 also allows several ticket capacity ranges, including 200, 600, or 800 ticket containers. In terms of connectivity, the Epic 950 can be configured with NetPlex, USB, or Serial connection standards, making it as flexible as TITO printers come.

TransAct’s Epic 950 is compatible and approved for nearly all new games and classic ones, closing the gap on online casino experience, which has seen a lot of growth and attention in the last decade. Many new games are being developed and published on these websites, while the classic ones will remain available as long as they get played. As an entirely digital machine, there are no tickets to be printed out. It is all done and controlled online, so it is an exciting option for people looking into a simple and convenient way to play casino games online.

Technical Specifications of the TransAct Epic 950 Casino Printer

The Epic series of TITO printers take pride in printing resolution, and the Epic 950 is no exception to the rule. It provides 203 DPI printing resolution, allowing for crisp graphics and textual content on the tickets. In addition, the printer can print out at a rate of 5 inches per second, which is perfect for tickets. Epic 950 comes with 8MB of RAM and 4MB of memory the printer uses for its operation and data management. In terms of size and weight, the Epic 950 weighs in at just 3.8 lbs while coming in at 4.46 inches in width, 11.25 inches in depth, and 2.66 inches in height.