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Tape Is Jammed On My Dymo Label Printer

by Angelo J Arruda
Tape Jammed On Dymo Label Printer

On some Dymo label printers, you might encounter an error message being printed out where it says that a jam occurred. Other than that it would appear that the printer is working properly, as it would not be able to print out the error message if the tape was jammed. In this article, we will explain what can you do in cases where your tape is physically jammed, while the error message saying the same issue will be tackled at another time. Let’s take a look.

How to Get the Jammed Tape Out of the Dymo Label Printer

If your label printer tape is jammed, the device will show an error on its display, or if it does not have a display it will show signs of trying to print but it will get stuck as it is trying to push a single label out. To resolve this issue, you need to open up the tape storage lid and remove the cartridge containing the tape itself. For any specifics that need to be taken into account regarding how to do this on your particular device, consult its designated Dymo Label Printer Manual. Once you get the cartridge out of its mount, take a look at the feed mechanism found behind it. If there is an obstruction on the mechanism you will notice it. At this point, it depends on the particular situation, but as a general rule, you will need to take a small sharp knife of some kind to cut through the obstruction and remove it from one end.

Tools we recommend for this operation are a flattened out paper clip along with tweezers that might help you get the obstruction out of your Dymo label printer. Once it is out of the mechanism, the jammed tape will pose no further issues, and you can insert a new tape cartridge inside. Restart the label printer, and you should be good to go.

This procedure was just a short explanation of how this is done in general. For a more detailed and comprehensive guide on how to remove the jammed tape from your Dymo label printer, keep a close eye on this space as we will update the article soon.