[Solved] How to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi

Printer Troubleshooting How to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi
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Welcome to our brother printer wireless setup tutorial. In this article we will teach you how to connect a brother printer to your computer wirelessly, explain you what is a network key, what is a WPS pin and how to troubleshoot the situation if the brother printer is not connecting to wifi (or, worse, connects to wi-fi but doesn’t print).

What do you need to connect a Brother printer to Wi-Fi?

TL;DR: You need a device that has a Wi-Fi modul and modem that can accept another incoming connection.

For starters, you need a Brother printer that has the option of connecting to Wi-Fi. If you didn’t buy the printer yourself and have no clue if that’s the issue, you can either check it within its settings on the little monitor if it has one, or find the exact Brother User Manual of the device. In case your device doesn’t support Wi-Fi, we compiled a list of best devices in each category, you can check it out here: Best Buy Brother Printers.

After that you would need to make sure that your modem has enough slots to accommodate the connnection of another device. For home use you usually don’t need to worry about because a regular modem can easily handle a family environment with up to 20 simulatnious connections. The trouble starts when you’re setting up the printer on a shared or corporate network where the number of connected devices can easily get out of hand. Our collegues over at 4to5jack wrote a great article about best routers for multiple devices, do check it out if you’re in need of one.

After this guide you’ll be a pro at connecting a Brother printer to wifi

How do I connect my brother printer to the Wi-Fi?

The first question which pops in to your mind is probably “how do I make my brother printer discoverable”, but that’s easy.


Scenario 1: Brother printer not connecting to Wi-Fi

why is my brother printer not connecting to wifi

Scenario 2: Brother printer connected to Wi-Fi but not printing

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