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Rondo-Pak’s New Jersey HQ Switching to 60% Solar Power

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Rondo-Pak’s New Jersey HQ Switching to 60% Solar Power

Rondo-Pak provides folding packaging for use in the medical, consumer, and pharmaceutical industries. Their production facilities are located in two locations, one in Puerto Rico and the primary facility in New Jersey. Recently, the company has announced that an investment of over US$4 million has been made to construct solar panels covering nearly the entire parking lot area as well as the facility itself, producing forecasted 60% of the facility’s energy demands. The power plant is designed and provided by Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC. Across the period of 25 years, the system is expected to produce 52.6 million kWh of electrical power.

Has Rondo-Pak Made Any Additional Eco-Friendly Measures for Their Production Process?

With expectations that reach 60% of power being provided by renewables, Rondo-Pak is definitely looking into improving its ecological footprint. However, the company already has certain eco-friendly commitments to production sustainability, such as using ink based on vegetable oils for their printing requirements and enforcing strict policies towards recycling of byproducts material.

Vegetable ink is made of a mixture of vegetable-based oils, such as flax, canola, corn, and more. As such, this type of ink is made of renewable and sustainable material, as opposed to petroleum-based ink. In terms of recycling, vegetable ink allows for a proper paper recycling process, as the paper is processed with a de-inking procedure before recycling. In the case of petroleum-based ink, more often than not, this process is not possible.

Rondo-Pak Achieves Certified Vendor Status with Genentech in July of 2021

The New Jersey-based headquarters building was also built with New Jersey Green Building Standards in place, that follow along with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning) requirements.