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RISI releases pulp and paper industry Top 50 Power List for 2019

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Risi top 50 2019 influencers

The Fastmarkets RISI 2019 Top 50 Power List of pulp, paper and packaging influencers to watch is finally out!

The top of the list is almost similar to the years before, including well-established names that have been dominating the industry for decades, but if you take a look at the lower part of it, you’ll see two small mascots trying to steal the spotlight. We’re, of course, talking about the newest addition to the Top 50 Power list, the Paper & Packaging – How Life Unfolds® campaign!

Originally launched in February 2019. The campaign introduced us to two animated characters, one named “Page”, representing printing paper, and the other “Casey”, a simple cardboard box. Both of the characters were infused with a unique personality, which definitely paid off in the end.

Both Page and Casey followed us through 2018. and 2019. with several short clips

While some of them passed unnoticed by the YouTube community, with just a few thousand views, others – like the Gift Vignette ad, surpassed the original expectations, with the Vignette ad hovering around 5 million views as of today. The effort which was put in to the campaign was recognized by the RISI team, and the campaign secured the well deserved place within the list!

“We are so happy that these two animated ambassadors have been recognized for doing exactly what they were designed to do,” says Mary Anne Hansan, president of the Paper and Packaging Board. “Page, the paper character, and Casey, the animated box, help bring everyday consumers’ attention to the useful and well-designed product packaging and paper solutions our industry delivers.”

The RISI 2019 Top 50 Power List was published just a few days ago, on the July 24th, so if you want to check out who’s the crème de la crème of the pulp, paper and packaging influencer list, you can do so by visiting Fastmarkets RISI. In the meantime, let’s show you their newest addition to the family of short clips – Paper’s Business Pitch: