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Ricoh Company History

by Rudo De Battista

Welcome to our Ricoh company history overview! Ricoh is one of the larger Japanese based office equipment manufacturer with quite a bit of heritage under its belt. It was founded back in 1936 in Tokyo and soon after started providing the world with printer related expendable material and technology such as diazo copier machines. Today, Ricoh has a stronghold in the printing industry, providing both expendable material such as paper, cartridges and similar, as well as fully featured multifunctional office and home machines. You might be baffled to know that Ricoh developed the microchip used in the Nintendo’s SNES system, as well as sound chips for Sega and other arcade gaming systems, so there is really a lot to talk about when it comes to Ricoh! We will cover all of these facts in detail in our fully featured Ricoh company history article, so watch this space until we get it all ready.