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Print & Digital Convention Starting on 20th of October in Germany

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Print & Digital Convention Starting 2021

This congress, lasting two days, will not feature a digital streaming option as was the case previously. Because of the insufficient demand, this year’s PDC will be held exclusively as an on-site experience, which is dearly embraced by the organizers and attendees as well. Tickets can still be purchased, so if you are interested in visiting PDC in Düsseldorf this year, head on to the following link.

What Are Some of the Highlights of the Convention This Year?

Conventions of this type can only benefit from interpersonal exchanges. This year, it is expected for the Print & Digital Convention to cover and present new solutions for issues as well as innovations related to digital printing, multichannel applications, and digital media technology in general. Lectures will be held in series, covering all aspects of business communication, while the printing technology is covered by 48 workshops. International exhibitors will also have a field day, as there are more than 60 individual companies willing to show their progress in the industry.

Additionally, eight different topics will be discussed in detail, such as digital marketing, value-added printing, further processing, label and packaging, printed electronics, brand and product, interior and exterior design, and sustainable media production.

The key to the success of conventions such as PDC is to integrate visitors and exhibitors in an appropriate way, and with this year’s approach covering both parallel lectures and workshops and experts holding their own stands, we bet a lot of questions are going to be answered.

Source: https://tdm-e.f-mp.de/einfuehrung