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Paper Jammed In Brother Printer

by Melanie Smithens
Paper Jammed In Brother Printer

Paper jams can be quite unpleasant, as it is sometimes difficult to remove the stuck paper, but there is also a risk of damaging some of the sensitive components within the printer. It is important to know what you are doing and what is the best way to tackle this situation. Today, we will provide you with some of the possible solutions when there is a paper jammed in Brother printer.

How to Deal With Paper Jammed in Brother Printer

The procedure highly depends on the exact model of the printer you are having issues with, as the internal build is not the same. On the contrary, the layout and mechanical design of the printers can vary significantly. Before proceeding, we recommend taking a look at the official Brother Printer Manual to make sure you are aware of any safety precautions, both for yourself and the printer.

In most cases, Brother printers have external displays that indicate an approximate location of the jammed paper. There are several zones, such as front and rear, where paper can get stuck in between the roller guides. The first thing to do when trying to handle this problem is to turn off the printer and plug it out of the wall socket to prevent self-injury. Then, depending on the zone in which the paper is stuck, you will need to disassemble the printer slightly. For example, if the printer got stuck in the front zone, as indicated by the display before shutting it off, you will need to pull the paper tray completely out to access the rollers. When pulling the paper out, use both hands and gently try to pull it out without tearing it up, as this can cause additional issues.

Brother printers have been designed with the intent to make clearing out jammed paper easy, as this does happen, regardless of the make and model of your printer. Here we covered just the basic principles of unjamming the printer. For a more detailed lesson in regards to this issue, watch this space, as we are working on a comprehensive article that handles these issues.