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Nanoptix showcases their newest TITO printer

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Nanoptix showcases their newest TITO printer

Nanoptix, the global provider of various tech for the kiosk, lottery, POS and gaming market, have been with us for close to 20 years now, and in those two decades they delivered several versions of their successful Terminals, as well as TITO printers.

For this year they have something special though. After the fairly successfull presentation of their newest Paycheck Terminal XL, as well as the Orizon NextGen TITO printer, the company decided to shift their focus more on to Kiosks and land-based Sports Betting.

An improved print life, as well as a PC infrastructure

The device is powered by a Linux based PC infrastructure and promises 200km of print life, as well as speeds up to 300mm per second. In other words, that’s close to two million cuts. The device also features multiple UBS Ports, an MicroSD slot, Mini HDMI, Bluetooth and Ethernet, as well as an optional presenter.

“The technology found in our products is changing how customers use printers, as an interface component that has provided cost efficiencies for their build of materials (BOM). We continue to push our ingenuity limits and will continue to deliver products that challenges the status quo,” a spokesperson for the company affirmed.

Now, although we do believe that offline kiosks and land based sports outlets still hold a good portion of the market, online outlets like Betsafe make no use of them at all, since everything is operated online via FIAT, regardless if it’s sports betting or any other type of gaming.