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Nanoptix Company History

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Nanoptix Company History

Nanoptix, Inc. provides printing products for various specific industries, such as kiosks, POS, gaming, and the entertainment industry in general, where tickets are a part of the business. The company was founded in 1996 by Daniel Vienneau, a mechanical engineer by trade, the current president and CEO. Nanoptix headquarters is in Dieppe, a city in New Brunswick, a Canadian province. Recently, Nanoptix has celebrated its 25th anniversary of business. During that time, they successfully provided the entertainment industry with innovative and reliable printing products that keep many entertainment businesses up and running to this day.

Product Testing and Design Methods

Detail-oriented design is necessary when designing machines that need to withstand high-volume operations. This design is because every mechanical system comes in contact with something else, putting additional strain and stress on its core components. As a result, Nanoptix has optimized and created reliable printing products, but this did not happen overnight. For example, the EZ-Tear FX printer was designed in 1997 and tested by Nemko Canada Inc, which this Canadian-based company assists in product development. In addition, Nanoptix tends to put prototypes under rigorous testing procedures to uncover any design faults that may cause problems down the line. This way of doing things is how most Nanoptix products were designed and conceived, such as the PayCheck 3 and Paycheck 4 printers in 2002, the Heavy Duty Kiosk Thermal printer in 2003, or the High-Speed Kiosk Thermal Printer in 2006.

Right around the same time Nanoptix got founded back in 1996, the first online casino business also had its debut, and at that point, not many people took it seriously. It was more of a novelty feature. Today, the online casino gaming industry and sports betting websites take up more than a quarter of the entire online casino entertainment industry on the Old Continent. This intense growth got supported by the integration of computers and smartphones in our daily lives, which allow anyone to play online casino games and place bets on sports events at any given time.

Nanoptix Product Portfolio

Throughout their history, Nanoptix has provided original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with particular types of printers such as the famous TITO (Ticket-In Ticket-Out) printers, roll stock, couponing printers, and terminals that allow patrons to self serve. The key here is to make sure that all of these devices can handle the sheer volume of customers coming in, and this is where most of the engineering prowess got invested. The product line-up divides into several categories: PayCheck Nextgen, PayCheck 4, PayCheck Slim, and Paycheck Desktop 2, gaming ticket printers. Then there are kiosk roll printers, including Orizon NextGen and HSVL Advanced and the Nanoptix EZTear. Last but not least, Nanoptix offers point-of-sale systems, including High-Speed Couponing, PayCheck Terminal, Spill-Proof, and the Ultra System. These units are thermal printers, a tried-and-true technology for high volume, simple layout printing.