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How to Fix a Ricoh Printer That Is Not Printing or Scanning

by Rudo De Battista
My Ricoh Printer Is Not Printing Or Scanning

Ricoh printers, as well as all other makes and models of printers, tend to become non-responsive after a while. This is completely normal and rarely has anything to do with your printer on its own, rather it is considering data transfer protocols, cache memory, and similar. In today’s guide, we will go through some of the most effective ways to resolve this issue on the fly, without losing too much time on trying to figure out what is going on and keeping your printer non-operational.

Basics First

When sending printing jobs to your printer without any action from it, it is important not to go too far from the get-go. It is best to simply turn the printer off, wait for at least 15 seconds, and then turn it back on. This will clear the printer’s memory and allow it to fill with additional tasks if there were some correlated issues of that kind. Additionally, you might want to unplug and re-plug the printer’s USB cable, just to make sure that the data connection between the computer and the printer is solid. If this had no results, try using a different USB port on your computer, as this can eliminate any issues related to the previous USB port. Check your official Ricoh Printer Manual

Restarting the Print Spooler Service

If none of the above issues helped with solving your problem, the problem might be related to the print spooler service, used by Windows to communicate with your printer. This is an easy service to reset, simply click on the Start button and type in “services.msc”. In the new window press the “P” key to highlight the print spooler service, then right-click on it to reveal the Stop option. Then, right-click on it once again to reveal the Start option. With this completed, your print spooler service has been reset.

There are more ways of fixing non-responsive Ricoh printers, and we covered just the basic solutions here. If these did not help your case, we are working on a more detailed article covering this topic, so check back on this space in a while.