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My Lexmark Printer Is Printing Blank Pages

by Denise Parreira
My Lexmark Printer Is Printing Blank Pages

Printing out blank pages can occur in a couple of scenarios. Your Lexmark printer might be printing out blank pages all the time, or there are a couple of blank pages printed out at the end of every job. Depending on these two factors, different parts of the printer might be affected, but you can check all of the things we will explain below, and try to fix the issue.

Low Ink Might Cause Random Printing of Blank Pages

Most commonly the main reason behind your Lexmark printer printing out blank pages is that the ink cartridges are low on ink. To quickly check this, take the toner cartridges out of their mounting points and shake them up gently. This will redistribute the ink inside the cartridge and you will most likely get a couple of printed pages. If this method works, you need to replace your ink cartridges as soon as possible; try not to shake them up more than once, as this can cause issues with drying up your printhead nozzles.

Low-Quality Ink Cartridge

As you can imagine, the number of third-party ink cartridges for your Lexmark printer is vast, and most of those are made poorly. If you just replaced your old ink cartridges with new ones, and you installed them correctly, chances are that the ink cartridge you put in is a dud. Check out the Lexmark Printer Manual for your model to confirm that all steps are covered during ink cartridge installation. We always recommend using genuine, first-party ink cartridges approved by Lexmark as this serves as insurance that those cartridges went through quality control.

There are more reasons for which your Lexmark printer might be printing out blank pages. If the two methods mentioned above did not work for you, we are working on an article covering more of those and will update this space as soon as possible.