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How to Fix a Non-Printing Konica Minolta Printer

by Carolina Gabryszewska
My Konica Minolta Printer Is Not Printing

You have tried to send a printing job to your Konica Minolta printer, but nothing happens? This usually happens when you are in a major hurry, so it is important to know about the quickest ways to mend this issue, at least temporarily. In this article, we will cover some of these methods so that you do not waste time trying whatever comes to mind to no avail.

Check the Connection

Before doing anything else, your best bet in these situations would be to simply power the printer off using its power switch (usually located in the back, please consult with the official Konica Minolta Printer Manual to confirm), and while you are at it, unplug the USB cables on both ends. Plug them back in after at least 15 seconds, and power the printer back on. This process clears the cache memory of the printer, which does resolve the problem in most situations. If the printer you are using is not connected with cable, rather over a Wi-Fi network, find the router and confirm that it is working. The same process of turning the printer off then on should provide results here.

Print Spooler Service Reset

In case the above solution did not work, you are most likely dealing with a stuck print spooler service. This is a service in Windows operating system that manages the connection between the computer and the printer, and it has shown a tendency to create these types of issues. Fortunately, it is rather easy to reset. Open the start menu and start writing “services.msc”. Find the Print Spooler service (try pressing the “P” key on your keyboard to highlight it instantly), right-click on it, and press Stop. Now, right-click on it again and press Start. Try printing again.

There are many more solutions for fixing your non-printing Konica Minolta printer. These two were indicated as emergency procedures that can be performed within a single minute and allow you to do your work. We are working on a more detailed tutorial on how to deal with a Konica Minolta printer that is acting up and expect to update this space soon.