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Complete Lexmark Printer Error Code List With Solutions

by Denise Parreira
Lexmark Printer Error Code List

Having the correct information is critical when dealing with error codes. As per the design, these codes are rarely self-explanatory, and it is certainly the case with Lexmark printer error codes.

We have assembled a team of specialists that focus on error codes that plague specific brands of printers. For example, Will has recently completed the Epson Error Codes guide that contains a brief description of every error code followed by at least two solutions. In most cases, error codes provide just a hint of information related to what might be the issue so it is common for a single error code to have a number of viable solutions. Our focus is set on providing legitimate solutions that will provide you with a worthy resolution of your problem so that you can continue using your printer normally. If you stumbled on this page by mistake and need to check out a different error code list, please visit our Printer Error Codes section to find solutions to errors for different brands.

Here is our list of some of the most common errors that can show on a Lexmark printer and potentially prevent the product to function properly or at all. It is best to navigate this list by using the Ctrl+F command.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 0502 Solution

The reason behind the Lexmark 0502 error is a soiled encoder strip or an issue with one or all of the ink cartridges.

To resolve this issue it will be necessary to clean the encoder strip. To do this, open the ink cartridge compartment and remove all of the ink cartridges, setting them aside on a piece of a clean paper towel. Then, remove the printhead from its spot to have more space to work around the encoder strip, which is located behind the printhead. This is a clean, transparent piece of tape that is used for determining the intermittent position of the ink cartridge carriage and it is a vital part of your printer. To clean the encoder strip it is recommended to use a piece of cotton cloth sprayed with rubbing alcohol. It is important to be very gentle while cleaning this strip as it is most delicate. Assemble everything back together and try to print once again.

If the issue persists, consider replacing all of your ink cartridges with new ones, as this error might appear in this case as well. To replace the ink cartridges you need to open up the ink cartridge compartment while the printer is turned on as this enables the printer to present the ink cartridges in their service position. Remove all of the ink cartridges from the printhead and install brand new ones in their place. There should be an audible click sound if done correctly.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 10 Solution

The reason behind Lexmark error 10 is a hardware incompatibility issue or a corrupted driver file.

To resolve this issue, attention is required towards driver installation and/or device configuration as this is where the issue lies. Make sure that your printer is actually compatible with the operating system you are using. Not all printers have valid drivers for Windows 7 for example, so if you are using an outdated operating system you might want to upgrade. This is necessary not only for the printer compatibility issues but your online security as well. We recommend downloading the latest drivers from official sources, such as Lexmark’s official website, instead of using the installation media that came with your printer. Install the latest driver and perform a test print to see if this resolved your issue.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 107.08 Solution

The reason for the Lexmark service code 107.08 to appear is a bad cyan laser that requires servicing.

To try and resolve this issue turn the printer off and remove its rearmost compartment. There will be some cables visible that go towards the logic board so while you are here make sure that the connections are tight enough. Since some of these cables move together with the printhead, it is possible that these have strain damage so check for any visible copper wiring that might be causing the issue in the first place.

If the issue persists, the most likely culprit for the 107.08 service code is the printhead which will require either replacement or detailed service. Both of these tasks require special tools and knowledge so it is best to contact a service technician around your area to assist you with resolving this problem.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 108.01 Solution

The reason behind Lexmark error 108.01 is an issue with the magenta printhead, in a sense it lost HSYNC (horizontal synchronization).

To resolve this issue it is necessary to make sure that the rear wiring harness of the printer has no kinks and it is not visibly damaged. To access this area of your printer you will need to open up the rear compartment which should provide you an insight into the logic board. One part of the installation moves together with the printhead and this is where some wear and tear occurs due to constant movement back and forth. Check that there is no visible copper wiring and make sure that all of the connections are tight.

If the issue persists after the simple visual observation above, you will most likely need to replace the printhead altogether, which is not cost-effective in all scenarios. Contact your local printer service establishment for an estimate.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 1102 Solution

Also manifests as 1203, 1204 or 120F

The reason behind Lexmark error 1102 is an issue with one or all of the ink cartridges.

To resolve this issue start by opening up the ink cartridge compartment while your printer is turned on, as this will allow the printer to present the cartridges to you in their service position. Remove all of the ink cartridges and set them aside on a clean piece of paper towel. Close the cartridge compartment. Then, disconnect the power cable from your printer and let it stay like that for at least five minutes. After this period of time, plug the power cable back into your printer and press the power button to turn your printer on. Reinstall your ink cartridges back into the printer and perform a test print.

If the issue persists then one or all of your ink cartridges are faulty. In order to determine which of the cartridges is causing the Lexmark error 1203, repeat the procedure specified above, but this time insert only the black ink cartridge first. If the error appears again, then your black ink cartridge is faulty and needs to be replaced. Repeat the same step for the color ink cartridge just to make sure it is not faulty as well. We would suggest purchasing a set of new, genuine, ink cartridges in order to clear this error.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 1200 Solution

The reason behind the Lexmark 1200 error is stalling of the ink cartridge carriage.

To resolve this issue it is first necessary to make sure your ink cartridges are installed correctly, especially if you recently replaced them. To do this, open up the ink cartridge compartment while your printer is still turned on and remove all of the ink cartridges. Clean the contact points with a cotton cloth and a bit of rubbing alcohol on both ends and reinstall. You should hear an audible clicking sound as you are inserting the ink cartridges back into the printhead – this indicates the proper installation of the ink cartridge.

If the issue persists it is most likely a case of a faulty ink cartridge, so the only thing you can do in that case is to replace it.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 122.03 Solution

Also manifests as 122.05 and 122.06

The reason behind Lexmark 122.03 error is a fuser unit that has a tendency to heat up in an irregular way. It will either become too hot too quickly or it won’t heat up fast enough.

In order to solve this issue, there is not much you can do other than resetting your printer by unplugging the power cable, waiting for at least a minute, and then plugging it back in. If possible, make sure that the printer’s power cable is connected to a wall power socket rather than a surge protector or UPS.

If the issue persists your printer is most likely having severe hardware issues that will require professional servicing. Contact Lexmark directly or consider contacting a local repair shop for a quotation.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 200.13 Solution

The reason behind Lexmark 200.13 error is a paper jam, caused by the rear restraint not being set properly.

To solve this problem it is necessary to make sure that the rear restraint position is set as intended. It should not fall back too far towards the back end of the printer as this can cause the paper to get stuck under the lifting plate itself. All other restraints need to match the size of the paper being used for the job as closely as possible.

If the issue persists there might be a more advanced hardware issue so it is best to contact Lexmark support directly or consider asking a local repair shop for assistance.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 200.28 Solution

The same solution applies to 200.21 and 200.29 error messages

The cause of the 200.28 error message is a possible obstruction in the proximity of the S2 sensor. The obstruction in question is most likely a piece of torn paper or dust buildup, but the sensor itself might be faulty as well.

In order to resolve the issue, the area around the S2 sensor needs to be closely inspected. Start by removing all four ink cartridges as well as the toner unit. Once done, three sensors will be visible and loosely wired. This is the area around which your printer most likely has a piece of paper or any other object that is preventing the S2 sensor from sending the correct data back to the logic board. Clean the area thoroughly, reinstall everything back together and perform a test print to see if the error has been resolved.

If the issue persists, one of the parts on your printer is most likely faulty and will need to be replaced.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 202.03 Solution

The cause of the 202.03 error is a paper jam by default.

In order to resolve this problem, it is necessary to check all of the service spots at which the paper jam might have occurred. Check the official user manual for your device specifically, there should be at least two access ports to check for paper jams. Open the compartments and observe for pieces of paper or rolled-up paper material which is the main culprit for this error message. Once all paper material is removed from these areas, perform a test print to see if the error message has been removed.

If the issue continues to show up, consider the chance of your paper being too damp for the print job you are attempting. If the paper is too damp it will roll up easily and stick to the rollers, which can cause a paper jam in the form of an accordion. Purchase new paper and try printing again.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 2200 Solution

The reason behind Lexmark error 2200 is an issue with the scanner in the sense it is unable to cover the entire work area properly.

To solve this issue start by turning the printer off and unplugging its power cord from the electrical outlet. Let it stay in this powerless state for at least a minute. After this period, plug the power cord back into the printer and turn it on, performing a test scan.

If the problem persists, turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. Press the power button just to clear any residual electrical power that may have been left in the components. Open the scanner glass and check around the edges for cracks. If there are no cracks, proceed with disassembling the top cover, which will provide you access to the scanner head carriage. Manually move the carriage to the center of the scanner. Reassemble everything back together and observe if the carriage returns to its initial position. This should resolve any positional discrepancies within the printer’s memory banks.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 50C Solution

The reason behind Lexmark error 50C is an issue with one or all of the ink cartridges.

To resolve this problem, start by opening up the ink cartridge compartment while the printer is still turned on. This will provide you with easy access to the ink cartridges as they will move into their service position. Take both cartridges out of the printhead and clean the contacts thoroughly on the cartridges as well as on the printhead. Use a cotton cloth with some rubbing alcohol to remove any residual dried-up ink or dust from these contact points.

If the issue is not resolved, we would recommend that you purchase a set of new, genuine, ink cartridges as your current ink cartridges are most likely faulty.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 900.00 Solution

Also manifests as 900.30, 900.43, 900.57, 900.80, or similar

The Lexmark 900.00 firmware error is caused by a software conflict within a multi-function or standard printer, causing the device to operate poorly. It is important to focus on resolving software-based issues first before attempting any hardware repairs.

To try and fix this issue it is first necessary to make sure that the printer you are using is running on its latest firmware. Visit the official Lexmark driver page and browse for your device’s firmware and drivers. Download the latest version of the firmware and attempt to install it. The installer will notify you if you already have that version of the software installed.

If the issue is not resolved you should attempt to hard reset your printer. This is done by unplugging both data and power cables from the printer after turning it off, letting it sit like that for at least a minute. Then, hold the power button while plugging the power cable back into the printer. Let go of the power button as the printer boots up. Perform a test print to see if the issue has been resolved.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 920.06 Solution

Also manifests as 920.26, 920.54, 920.97, 920.98, or similar

The Lexmark 920.06 fuser error appears when the fusing station is not able to reach the ideal temperature required for a successful print.

To resolve this problem, turn the printer off when the error occurs. Leave it turned off for at least a minute, as this allows the memory banks to be cleared. After this short period, turn the printer back on. Observe if the error re-appears again. If it does not, proceed with using the printer as you normally would for the next couple of days. If the error appears again in that period, proceed with the advice below.

If the issue is not solved there are a couple of things to check before proceeding further with repairs. Your printer needs to be positioned in an environment that has a temperature of at least 60°F. Also, make sure that there are no direct wind drafts that might be affecting the printer’s temperature sensors. If the operating conditions are met, try plugging the power cable directly into the wall socket rather than a surge protector.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 924.01 Solution

The Lexmark 924.01 service error is caused by an improperly maintained fuser.

To resolve this problem you might need to deal with a paper jam that commonly comes along. If there are no paper jams in your case of the 924.01 service error, open the back compartment of the printer and take the fuser out of its spot. Place it back in – an audible click should be heard, confirming the proper installation.

If the issue persists, you will need to contact Lexmark directly or a local repair shop for further consultation as it is most likely a severe hardware issue that requires professional servicing.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 931.01 Solution

The reason behind the 931.01 printhead error is a communication issue between the printer’s logic board and the printhead itself.

To try and resolve this issue, you can turn the printer off and wait for a minute before powering it back on.

If the issue is still there, there is not much you can do other than contact a service center. In some occurrences, switching the power cable from a surge protector directly into the wall socket may work, as devices such as UPSs and surge protectors may cause the printer to display false error messages when there really is no problem of that sort.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 935 Solution

Also manifests as 931, 932, 933, and 934 errors. These are all printhead-related issues that have similar solutions but are different in root cause.

The reason behind error 935 is an issue with the printhead unit. Depending on the serial number of the printhead, the service message might appear different, as noted in the paragraph above. In this case, the error is caused by the mirror motor’s inability to reach the required linear speed.

To resolve this problem specifically, it is a good idea to unplug the power cable from the printer and let it sit like that for at least a minute. After this period, turn the printer back on by holding the power button and plugging the power cable into the printer at the same time. Make sure to use a wall outlet rather than a power strip or a surge protector as these are known to cause errors like this.

If the issue is still not resolved, another common solution would be to check the printer’s exhaust fan. If its motor is shorting out it can cause the logic board to post the 935 error message. If it appears to be working normally, clean it as best as you can by using a vacuum cleaner and holding one of the flaps to prevent excessive turning of the fan itself.