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Complete Konica Minolta Printer Error Code List With Solutions

by Carolina Gabryszewska
Konica Printer Error Code List

Welcome to our Konica Minolta printer error collection, one part of our Printer Error Codes. In order to make life easier for our readers, we have decided to distribute error codes, along with their solutions, based on the printer brand as the naming scheme tends to be quite brand-specific.

As Melanie did with the Brother Printer Error Codes article, I will be doing the same with Konica Minolta, somewhat of a specialty brand when it comes to printer tech. Nevertheless, there are quite a few error codes that seem to be bugging our readers so let’s dig right into it.

Before We Start Troubleshooting Your Printer Error Codes

Error codes have the purpose of clearly indicating a problem that is going on inside a printer, whether it was a major or a minor one. Konica Minolta printers are no exception to this rule. Here is our list of some of the most common Konica Minolta error codes you may encounter while using one. The best practice to find the error you are trying to resolve is to use the Ctrl+F key combination. Good luck!

It is clear that most of these terms are overly technical for most of us, but you can assist yourself in resolving the issues at hand by taking a look at the official Konica Minolta User Manual that correlates to your device as all of these terms are covered within those documents.

Konica Minolta Error Code 0094 Solution

The reason behind the code 0094 correlates to the IDC sensor being unable to detect shutter level or retraction failure, the same issue is most commonly found in with the BizHub C35 series of printers.

To resolve the 0094 error it is necessary to check all related connection points, starting with the M2-PRCB PJ6 connector, as well as the M2 connection which ensures that the drive is coupled as per its design. Next, the connector between IDC-PRCB PJ24 also plays a critical point when it comes to resolving this issue.

If the 0094 is not resolved, you might need to check the IDC sensor for functionality, as well as the SD2 and M2 functions. If all of these are not showing any functionality, you will need to change these modules, as well as PRCB.

Konica Minolta Error Code 107 Solution

The reason behind the code 107, also known as the “scan to email error code 107”, might be one of the following:

  • The printer is unable to connect or log into the shared folder
  • The shared folder is non-existing
  • SMB port is not opened in the firewall setting

To resolve the code 107 it is necessary to permit the TCP 445 port in your computer’s firewall, as this is the common reason for the printer to not be able to connect to the shared folder. If the port is opened, try to enable File and Printer Sharing functionality within your Windows settings section. While you are at it, make sure that the shared folder is set up correctly by checking its access rights and whether or not these comply with the requirements of your use case.

If the scan to email error code 107 is not resolved, the last order of business would be to check the name of the shared folder and remove any special symbols, spaces, etc. Use only standard letters and numbers to define the name of the folder, as this can prevent issues with using it down the line.

Konica Minolta Error Code 535 Solution

The reason behind the code 535, also known as the scan error, is either an SMTP server error or an authentication error, common when trying to scan to email from the BizHub C368 series of printers.

To resolve the scan error code 535, first check if your company recently changed e-mail passwords, as this is a common practice to maintain a certain level of security. If the e-mail address’ password has been changed, the configuration e-mail used for the Konica Minolta printer also needs to be updated accordingly. Once the e-mail address has been updated with the new password on the printer itself, the error should be resolved.

If code 535 is not resolved it is best to factory reset the printer and set up a new configuration account. We recommend that you use a “hidden” user, with e-mail and passwords that will not be changed at any given time, thus eliminating the chance of this error to occur under those circumstances.

Konica Minolta Error Code 57 Solution

The reason behind this code 57 is the printer’s inability to connect to the WebDAV (an extension of HTTP for collaborative editing) server, disabling the network scan function and giving out either the “scan to network error” or the “scan to email error” followed up with the code.

To resolve the scan error code 57 , if you are using Windows 10, it is first necessary to check whether or not the SMB features have been disabled by the latest update as this prevents Konica Minolta printers to collaborate with said computer. To do this, open an elevated command prompt window and type in the following command for detection of SMBv1 status:

sc.exe qc lanmanworkstation

In order to enable SMBv1, type in the following set of commands:

sc.exe config lanmanworkstation depend= bowser/mrxsmb10/mrxsmb20/nsi sc.exe config mrxsmb10 start=auto

This should reset the SMB protocols into working condition and therefore eliminate this error you encountered on your Konica Minolta printer.

If the code 57 error is not resolved, check the physical connection components such as splitters, cables and make sure that everything is plugged incorrectly. It is best to change the Ethernet cables to new ones just to make sure it is not a case of a poorly working cable.

Konica Minolta Error Code C0202 Solution

The reason behind this error code is jammed paper, indicated by the power surge for the paper tray lift motor, which is sending the signal to initiate the error.

To resolve the issue, pull the power plug on the printer and empty the paper tray, pulling it out as well. This should give you a proper insight into what might be causing the issue, as the paper tray lift motor is most likely somewhere around that area. Gently pull out any paper stuck in between the rollers and the guides. Return all of the components you removed to their designated spots and make sure everything clicks together well. Power up the printer and check if the error appears once again.

If the issue is not resolved, remove the paper tray once again and check the status of the tray limit sensor for blockage or weak connection. If there are any connectors nearby, check them all as well. In case all of them seem to be connected properly, you will need to replace some of those connectors, most likely the M12-PRCB CN25 or the connector between PS25 I/O. Check the official Konica Minolta User Manual for more details, as this is a comprehensive repair to undertake.

Konica Minolta Error Code C0500 Solution

Closely related to C0501 Error Code

The reason behind this error code is heating element abnormality. All Konica Minolta printers have heating elements that have the purpose of heating up the machine to optimal working temperature. In this case, the roller’s surface temperature can’t reach the required level, and the machine will throw out the C0500 error code.

To resolve the issue you need to turn the machine off and plug the power cable out of the wall socket. It is necessary to be comfortable with components such as the heater lamp fuse, roller thermostat, and interlock switches as one of these parts are most likely the culprit for the error. The heater lamp fuse needs to turn on along with the power switch as this initiates the heating procedure if there are no malfunctions in the subsystem. If it does not, it needs to be replaced. In cases when the error re-appears, then you can be sure that the error is caused by either the roller thermostat or the interlock switches. If this is the situation with your printer, it is best to consult a qualified technician.

Konica Minolta Error Code C2152 Solution

The reason behind this error code is an issue with the transfer belt retraction functionality, in a sense that it either fails to retract or slips past the endpoint. Along with the error code, it is common to see the generic maintenance symbol displayed on the screen.

To resolve the issue it is necessary to remove the transfer belt unit from its housing, being careful not to bump the sensor plates on both sides. Note if there is any spilled ink in this area as this is most likely the culprit for the retractor not working as intended. Clean everything thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and cotton pads, including the sensors plates, and reinstall everything. To reset the code, switch off the printer, wait for at least 20 seconds. Then, press the Utility button on the printer and hold it while pressing the power switch. This should show a Troubleshooting Reset message on the display – confirm it and the error should be removed.

If the issue is not resolved it is best to consult a qualified Konica Minolta technician, as the solution might include replacement of components such as the M1-PRCB CN14 connector, PS39 relay, and PRCB.

Konica Minolta Error Code C2204 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the waste toner transport motor failure. This component is closely related to the toner lock sensor which posts this error when it is stuck in either blocked or the unblocked position for a certain amount of time.

To resolve the issue it is necessary to get up close and friendly with the waste toner box itself. There is most likely hardened toner material on the bottom which has reached the gears inside the transport motor and is causing overload. An optimistic outcome of this is that only the gears need to be replaced, which is best to be done by a qualified Konica Minolta technician.

If the issue is not resolved by removing and cleaning the waste toner box, as well as the transport motor gears, you might be dealing with a damaged controller board. In this case, it is worth considering taking the printer to a certified service, but in general, this is one of the most expensive repairs to make.

Konica Minolta Error Code C2555 Solution

Closely related to C2556 Error Code

The reason behind this error code is the low toner density for the Yellow imaging unit. This error is posted by the TCR sensor when it detects a ratio of T/C of 0.20% or less.

To resolve the issue, some elbow grease is required. First, try to shake up the toner cartridge as the mixture might not have blended yet properly. Reinstall it and try printing again.

If the issue is not resolved, clean the TCR sensor located underneath the Yellow imaging unit, and perform troubleshooting on the printer itself.

The C2556 error code is closely related, in the sense that it indicates that the toner density is too high. Solutions remain the same.

Konica Minolta Error Code C2557 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the low toner density for the Black imaging unit. The error message is indicated in cases where the T/C ratio of less than 3% is detected.

To resolve the issue, take the black toner cartridge out of its seating and shake it up thoroughly. In case the mixture has not yet settled properly this will resolve the issue. Place the cartridge back in its place and execute another printing task to test.

If the issue is not resolved, it is necessary to clean the density sensor which can be found underneath the Black imaging unit. You can use rubbing alcohol for this. Once done, initiate the printer troubleshooting command.

Konica Minolta Error Code C2558 Solution

The reason behind this error code is extreme Black imaging unit toner density. It is necessary for the T/C ratio to be at least 12% for this message to appear on the screen.

To resolve the issue, remove the toner cartridge and stir it up carefully. This will help in cases where the mixture is not mixed properly, which does occur quite often. Once done, install the cartridge back and try another test print to see if this resolved the issue you had.

If the issue is not resolved by shaking the cartridge, then it is most likely the density sensor’s fault. These rarely break so it is probably just a case of thorough cleaning of it with rubbing alcohol to get everything up and running again. You can find the sensor underneath the adjacent toner cartridge. Once you cleaned it up, execute the printer troubleshooting procedure on the printer itself.

Konica Minolta Error Code C3451 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the fuser malfunction.

To resolve the issue the first order of business is to hard reset your printer by turning off the main power switch. Then, hold the Counter key while turning the main power switch back on. You will see a Troubleshooting Reset message on the display, confirm it. Turn the main power off again, but wait for at least 20 seconds before turning it back on. If this was a random occurrence of the C3451 error, it should now be solved.

If the issue is not resolved it is recommended to consult a qualified Konica Minolta technician as the solution requires changing of the fusing unit, the PWB-M component, and the PU1 component which is difficult to trace for anyone not working as a technician.

Konica Minolta Error Code C5102 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the transport motor’s inability to turn, possibly due to a physical obstruction inside the gears which causes excess power delivery for a prolonged period of time which dispatches the error message.

To resolve the issue it is necessary to check the M1 connector for irregularities such as poor connection, as well as the M1’s drive coupling which should move freely when tested. The coupling can be assisted with some machining oil for lubrication. Also, the surge in power might be caused by a paper jam, even though this might not be indicated on the display. Check all of the accessible rollers for ripped paper material or any other obstruction that might prevent these components from moving freely.

If the issue is not resolved, the PRCB connector or the M1 will need to be changed with new parts, so it is best to consult a qualified Konica Minolta technician for the job.

Konica Minolta Error Code E301 Solution

Also known as Error C-E301

The reason behind this error code is corrupted firmware or an overload of printing jobs.

To resolve the issue first try to reset the printer and remove any excess printing jobs from its queue.

If the issue is not resolved we would suggest a hard reset first. If the error is still not resolved, then the issue is most likely caused by corrupted firmware. The solution for this is to install the latest firmware for your printer.

Konica Minolta Error Code T82 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the fax unit’s inability to answer the callback, causing the job to remain on the job list and eventually overloading the queue.

To resolve the issue it is necessary to set the dialing method to “PB” in the settings. Most likely the default setting is set to “20 PPS” which often causes this error. This can be set in the Utility section of the printer, then following the Admin Settings – Fax Settings – Line Parameter Settings, finally reaching the Dialing Method option.

If the issue is not resolved check to see if the destination address is correct and check whether or not the recipient fax machine is in working order.