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[Solved] Best HP Officejet 4650 Ink Cartridge Option?

by Anya Bazmarov
HP Officejet 4650 ink cartridge

$100 for a HP printer that can do everything. What more can you ask for? Well, ink, for starters, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Although the $100 was the HP 4650’s initial price tag when it came out in 2015, these days, you can get it for less than $60 on Amazon. Not bad for something that has “cloud printing” listed under its set of features.

We mentioned you might be thinking about HP Officejet 4650 ink, but don’t worry, we didn’t mean that in the sense that you’ll be getting the HP printer not printing black error. In fact, we’ve found this printer to be quite sturdy, let alone for its price range. The ink issues, and the reason why you might be considering remanufactured ink not long after you’ve bought this model, is that the 4650 is used a lot.

Not only that, but HP decided to not include the model in its HP Instant Ink program, which features almost every other similar printer. That means you have a lot (a whole lot, actually) of users looking to get their hands on compatible ink cartridges. They’re going to stores, asking around and even checking the HP Officejet 4650 manual. But, more often than not, they come up short.

What is the best HP Officejet 4650 Ink Cartridge option?

If you’re looking for HP Officejet 4650 ink (and you most likely are), the store on Amazon is your best option. There, you’ll find countless vendors the HP 63 and HP 63XL cartridges for this printer in just as many combinations. Pick the one you like, order away and before you know it, you’ll no longer feel grumpy over your printer being passed up for the Instant Ink plan.