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[Solved] HP DeskJet 3720 Manual

by Anya Bazmarov

The HP DeskJet 3720 is an inkjet printer that first hit the stores in 2014. The device is an all in one printer, meaning it is capable of printing, copying and scanning. When it was launched, the price was set at roughly $80. This has since gone down in that you can acquire a used one that is still in a good condition for $50 or even less in Amazon.

The printer is one of the smallest in the world. It has a height of 141mm, a depth of 177mm, and a width of 403mm. HP DeskJet 3720 weighs 2.33 kg with a maximum color print resolution of 4800×1200. When printing black and white copies, the print speed is 8 pages per minute while the speed for colored copies is 5.5 ppm. Users can connect to this device through a USB 2.0 port.

It’s possible to print, copy, and scan from virtually any handheld device with one of the smallest printers in the world. On top of being small, this device is also aesthetically pleasing, sporting a blend of vibrant blue and white. This explains why the device has gained a broad audience from the online community. Its performance is modest and is suitable for light use either at small offices or at home.

Download the HP DeskJet 3720 Manual below

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