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[Solved] HP DeskJet 2548 Manual

by Anya Bazmarov

The HP DeskJet 2548 is among the DeskJet series from HP and it was officially released back in 2015. The product is an all-in-one multifunctional inkjet device popular for its fast printing and high performance. When the device came out, the price was set at about $50. However, nowadays, you can easily get a used model of this printer for as low as $34 on Amazon.

This all in one multifunctional HP Deskjet 2548 comes with Apple AirPrint and Wireless direct printing. Also, you will find a 7-segment LCD that comes with icons in this device. In addition to that, there are HP Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology, HP Auto Wireless Connect, and Mobile Printing features included in the unit. The printer weighs 7.2 lbs and its dimensions are 16.7 x 12.1 x 6.2 inches.

From the time this device was manufactured, a lot of users in the online community have praised the efficiency and high performance of the printer. In most of the online reviews, some of the previous buyers were happy with how fast the device scans and prints documents. Additionally, the fact that the printer supports a wide variety of operating systems is another factor most buyers love about the device.

Download the HP DeskJet 2548 Manual below

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