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[Solved] HP DesignJet 800 Manual

by Anya Bazmarov

The HP DesignJet 800 is a 42 inch (large format) printer that gives both color and monochrome print outs. This device was released in 2006. It was among the pioneers of large-format models from HP for both plotted diagrams and pictures. Upon its release, the unit retailed at about $1000. This price held steadily for a number of subsequent years. You can now get one on Amazon for about $600.

This model measures 69.9 in x 27 in x 42.9 and weighs about 99.2 pounds. The printer comes with a maximum print quality of up to 2400 x 1200 dpi, making it a preferred option if you are looking for fine large format prints. It uses thermal ink cartridges, making it highly cost-efficient for bulk printing jobs. It also comes with an expandable internal memory of 96MB.

DesignJet 800 received a very warm welcome from professionals in different online forums. One of the reasons for this is that it accepts a large variety of printing media including translucent bond, high-gloss photo paper, heavyweight coated paper, semi-gloss photo paper, studio canvas, banners with Tyvek, colourfast adhesive vinyl and natural tracing paper amongst others. It also reads PDF formats, making it easy to print directly from an external drive.

Download the HP DesignJet 800 Manual below

Troubleshooting a HP printer can be a nuisance, we can tell from experience, and in most cases you need the original HP DesignJet 800 Manual to get through the process, but sometimes a quick fix can be applied. This is why we created our two guides which we would recommend to go through before scrolling through the manual. The first one covers the issue when a HP Printer is Printing Blank Pages, and the second one is going through the issue when an HP printer is offline. If both of these guides didn’t help, then we would recommend going through the user manual. ShareDF has it as a free direct download, just visit this link: https://sharedf.com/hp-designjet-800-printer-manual/