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[Solved] HP DesignJet 111 Manual

by Anya Bazmarov

The HP DesignJet 111 is a large format inkjet printer that was released for retail sales in 2010. This device was aimed at users that were looking to subsidise large format printing costs, more so for CAD and architectural drawings. Upon release, this unit retailed at $1200. This price held for some time before going down to $500 for refurbished models on sites such as Amazon.

This printer measures 41 x 19.5 x 8.7″ and weighs about 50.70 lb, so it is not easily moveable. It uses both pigment and dye-based ink cartridges, making it highly cost-efficient. The DesignJet 111 attains a maximum resolution of up to 1200 x 600 dpi for both colour and monochrome print outs. The device comes with an expandable 1gb internal memory, enabling it to process even complicated print commands fast and more efficiently.

The HP DesignJet 111 received a warm welcome from both conventional users and engineering designers in online forums for several reasons. First, this unit is relatively simple and easy to use. It is also highly efficient when it comes to power usage considering the fact that it is rated at only 45 watts. The printer comes with a USB port making it easy to print documents, directly from your USB drive.

Download the HP DesignJet 111 Manual below

When it comes to HP Printer Troubleshooting, the HP DesignJet 111 Manual is essential, but there are some quick fixes that we can recommend before you dive in to one. First, we would recommend to check out the HP Printer Error Code list in case you have a specific code that bothers you, after that article our second most popular troubleshooting guide is HP printer not printing black ink. If none of these quick fixes help, you can reach out to ShareDF and download the user manual under this link: https://sharedf.com/hp-designjet-111-printer-manual/