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How to Troubleshoot a TITO Printer

by Aga Frost Nilsen
How to Troubleshoot a TITO Printer

The Ticket-In Ticket-Out printers have become a staple in modern casino establishments as they allow for cash-free exchanges between the customers and EGMs (Electronic Gaming Machines). It got established in the late 2000s, with Nevada Gaming Control Board giving thumbs up for the system and what it brings to the table, benefiting the customers and the owners of casinos. Being relatively simple in concept, connecting three separate devices into one is not significantly prone to malfunction. Still, because of the amount of use daily, something is bound to go wrong at some point. Today we will be covering some of the most common issues that plague TITO printers and tried-and-true remedies to these issues.

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Suspect Tickets Printing

As one could imagine, suspect tickets would be the most investigated issue with the TITO printer. Still, there is no reason for concern in most cases, as the system indicates something wrong with the ticket. Whether this means physical damage to the ticket itself, rendering it useless, or there was already processing done, the system will indicate an issue that needs further investigation to clear it. Other common reasons for tickets to get rejected include being too old or already paid out.

The Dreaded Ticket Jammed Error

The ticket jammed error is possibly one of the most notorious ones as it can cause frustration with the customer. Fortunately, there are universal methods of resolving this issue, involving resetting the EGM to access its built-in Audit mode of operation. Inside there will be a Current Lockup option, which, when accessed, will provide more information about the problem. Check the data because it is required to know the ticket amount, which of the machines printed the ticket, and at what time so that it is possible to compensate the customer if needed.

Transfer Out Has Failed

The EGM might show an error regarding failed transfer out, which requires the floor operator’s action. The subject ticket must be taken to the supervisor and paid out, and only once it was verified as valid can you tend the machine. This process can get done by using the Reset Key option in the software itself, after which the EGM should usually work.

Blank Ticket Printed Out

Before taking any further steps, it is vital to validate that the ticket got inserted correctly into the TITO device. There are black lines on one side of the ticket that indicates the printing side of it. This ticket side needs to face up. If this is the case, it is necessary to open the machine’s side door and re-orientate the paper roll with the right side facing up. Remember to close and lock the device. Suppose the incident occurred with a paying customer waiting. In that case, the blank ticket holds no value or information for paying out, so it is necessary to validate the customer in the Pay section of the software, note all of the details regarding the blank ticket, and payout accordingly.