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How to Setup Your Ricoh Printer on Windows 10

by Rudo De Battista
How To Setup Your Ricoh Printer On Windows 10

All makes and models of printers need a couple of steps to take before you can start using them to their fullest potential. It is no different with Ricoh printers. Today we will look at all of the steps necessary in form of a checklist so that you know you have done everything you need to get the most out of your device.

Software Setup of Ricoh Printers

Printers are complex devices that require their drivers to run properly. There are generic drivers available within Windows and macOS operating systems, but by using those you will most likely be missing out on some of the advanced and more specific features that come with your printer. The best thing to do in this situation is to check for the driver link inside your Ricoh Printer Manual to look for any information regarding web destinations for driver download. You can also simply browse the Internet with a query including your Ricoh printer model and adding driver to the string. Download all software that comes packed, as there might be more features that require additional software.

Once installed, there are options such as printer sharing, adding a local printer, or adding TCP/IP to your device. If you would like to have that printer for your computer alone, adding network features is not important, but if you intend to share the printer within your network, then this is the best time to configure it accordingly. Depending on your Ricoh printer model, the procedure might be slightly different, but you can use Windows’ options for this simply by checking the “Share this printer so that others on your network can find and use it” radio button when adding a new printer.

There is much more to setting up your Ricoh printer, and we are currently in the progress of creating a comprehensive guide covering this topic. If you require more assistance than what is presented in the paragraphs above, check back on this space in some time.