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How to Scan Using HP MFP Printer

by Anya Bazmarov
How To Scan From HP Printer To Computer

HP printers with scanning functions are commonly referred to as MFP (Multi-Functional Printers), and as such allow scanning of documents. The procedure might have some settings to set up, such as batch scanning, if applicable, so it is good to know if there are such options for your printer and what is the best way to approach it. Information related to the scanning capabilities of your printer will be covered in your HP Printer Manual.

How to Scan a Document with HP Scan

As a baseline, scanning with your HP printer is best dealt with the official HP Scan application, which is available for Windows and Mac computers. This software will be installed alongside your HP printer’s driver software. Once the HP Scan application has been installed and verified working, you can proceed with the scanning procedure by opening the scanner lid on the printer itself. The scanner’s hardware is designed in such a way to read page content from the bottom-up, so the page you want scanned needs to go face down onto the glass. Follow along with paper format designations on the edges of the glass and align your paper accordingly.

Once this is done, close the scanner lid and open the HP Scan application. On the top part of the software window, several options are available. For scanning, the second option needs to be selected, labeled Print, Scan & Fax. Select the Scan option and press the Scan a Document or Photo button. Conveniently, the software will present some predefined scanning shortcuts, allowing you to select the output format or an option to attach the scan as an e-mail attachment. If necessary, there are some options on the right-hand side to adjust, such as page orientation or page size so change these according to your preferences.

Usually, the default settings should suffice for your everyday scanning requirements. Once you are ready and happy with all the settings, press the Scan button on the bottom and the printer will start the process. Once it is done, a preview of the scan will be shown. When satisfied with the result, you can choose to save the scan locally on the computer for further use.

This is just one of the available methods to scan using your HP printer. Several other methods can be used in case this one does not work. Please check this space back as we are composing a complete, fully-featured article covering all bases in terms of HP printer scanning options.