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How to Reset Drum on Brother Printer

by Melanie Smithens
How To Reset Drum On Brother Printer

There are several reasons for which your Brother printer might suddenly stop functioning. In nearly all cases, it is just a matter of data memory overflow, or temporary connection issues that can be resolved quickly. This can be particularly annoying when you are in a hurry to get something printed out, so it is a good idea to have some of these solutions in the back of your head if you ever encounter an issue of this nature.

How to Reset Brother Printer

As it is with most tech, resetting represents one of the most common solutions to a large collection of problems, at least temporarily. It is no different when it comes to printers, especially if the printer you are trying to use is also used by a bunch of other people. This can cause data management issues within the printer, where it simply locks up, and a simple reset will do the trick of waking it up. You can do this by powering the printer off for at least five seconds so that all memory buffers are emptied, and simply turning it back on. Depending on your exact model of Brother printer, the location of the power switch might vary, so feel free to check out the official Brother Printer Manual for your model.

Print Spooler Service Reset

In case the above solution did not work, chances are your Print Spooler service is acting up. This is a service within Windows operating system which controls data coming into the printer, so it is an important part of the effort. To reset it, click on the Start button and type in “services.msc”; press Enter. You will see a new window pop up with a lot of services within. To find the Print Spooler service, press P on your keyboard and you will see the service highlighted. Right-click on it, press Stop. Then, right-click on it again, and press Start.

These two solutions are successful in resolving minor issues with Brother printers. Hopefully, we managed to help you out. If not, fret not, as we are currently in the process of composing a complete article covering this issue in a more advanced manner.