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How to Connect Your Lexmark Printer to WiFi and Computer

by Denise Parreira
How To Connect Lexmark Printer To Wifi

Printers can be connected to via USB cable, a networking cable, or wirelessly if there is such an option. Most modern Lexmark printers feature Wi-Fi connectivity, as it has proven to be a convenient method for daily printer use, but it does not come without its caveats. First of all, connection issues of any kind are most common when connected over Wi-Fi, and in cases of significant crowding of tasks being sent to the printer, it might stop responding altogether. In this article, we will present some of the most common ways on how to rejuvenate your connection to the printer and how to set it all up properly in the first place.

How to Connect to Your Lexmark Printer

Before continuing, you need to know whether or not your Lexmark printer has Wi-Fi capabilities. You can check this within its original Lexmark Printer Manual. If your printer does not feature Wi-Fi, you will need to connect it with the supplied cable to your computer. It is still possible to use the printer as a network printer, but we will cover this topic in a different article.

For now, let us focus on connecting your printer to Wi-Fi, so anyone with access to your network can use that device. First, you will need to set your printer up using the USB cable, to install all the necessary drivers and supplied software which you will use further down the line. Once this is done, you can unplug the USB cable from the printer, and tap on the Wi-Fi icon on the printer’s external display. This will display a prompt saying that the Wi-Fi setup has not been completed, and asking you if you want to proceed. Press Set up Now and the printer will browse for available networks. Select your network and enter the password. The printer is now connected to your Wi-Fi, as indicated by the green Wi-Fi icon.

Please note that we are currently working on an article explaining Lexmark printer connectivity in full detail. If the above methods did not prove to be enough for you, or you are experiencing issues during setting it all up, we will soon provide the complete analysis of these procedures.