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How to Change Ink Cartridge in HP Printer

by Anya Bazmarov
How To Change Ink In HP Printer

When you notice issues with the printing quality of your HP printer, chances are that the ink cartridge might need replacement. To help out with the issue temporarily you might consider taking the cartridge out of its casing, shaking it gently, and reinstalling it – with this, you might get a couple of pages more. If this works, and the following couple of pages come out as clear as day, your ink cartridges need to be replaced. Some of the HP printers have ink level indicators within HP printer software. If you are not sure whether or not this option is available to you, check your HP Printer Manual.

Follow these steps to Change Ink Cartridge in Your HP Printer

First and foremost it is important to find an adequate replacement ink cartridge. We recommend using genuine HP ink cartridges as this guarantees that there will be no issues with compatibility once installed. Cartridges are containing black ink and color ink so depending on which ink you are low on act accordingly. To find out the model number of the ink cartridge you need, look it up in the user manual of your printer, as this information will be indicated.

Once purchased, you can proceed with the ink cartridge installation procedure. First, it is recommended to load the printer with paper to complete the cartridge alignment procedure. Turn your printer on at this point if it was turned off. Once the paper is loaded, open the cartridge door and wait for the cartridge mount to move to the center of its railing. Once the cartridge remains stationary, gently push the subject cartridge down and towards yourself to get it out of the mount. It is recommended to replace a single cartridge before moving on to the next one (if necessary) to prevent improper installation.

Make sure to store the old ink cartridge according to your local laws regarding waste management. Once this is done, open up the new cartridge from its packaging and insert it into the place of the old one by pushing it in and upwards until you hear it click. With this process completed, you can close the cartridge door and continue to align the newly installed cartridge. You can do this by opening up the proprietary HP software and look for Maintenance Tasks. The Align Ink Cartridges option should be in the next window that pops up. The printer will then align cartridges and confirm the success of the operation by printing the alignment page. Replacing ink cartridges is a rather simple task, but there are more things we would like to cover.

Please check this space soon as we are working on our complete and detailed article regarding HP ink cartridges which will cover everything you need to know.