Seiko Epson: Father of Electronic Printers

Printer ManufacturersSeiko Epson: Father of Electronic Printers
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Welcome to our Seiko Epson company history overview! We are still gathering all the data necessary to summarize everything neatly, as there is really a lot to talk about when it comes to Seiko Epson. You probably did not even know that Seiko and Epson were correlated in any way, but there is a strong historical and personal bond between these two companies that spans over a hundred years. Let us just say that Seiko was founded in the 1880s, while the Seiko Epson merge we take for granted today occurred in the 1940s so in general, this conglomerate goes way back and has covered a multitude of industries. At PrinterHeadlines we focus on the printer side of things, sometimes scanners and copiers, but we have a passion for printing technology and innovations that keep pushing it forward. Knowing the history behind the industry is important as it might give an insight of the direction in which the industry is heading.

Check this space in some time, we are working on this piece as we speak.