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Henkel SLA 3D Printing Resin Now Available for Open Materials Platform

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Henkel SLA 3D Printing Resin

Henkel has kept a stronghold in the photopolymer material production and they are looking into expanding their product range for VAT polymerization process by introducing a new SLA resin. Henkel’s lineup of photopolymer 3D print material, branded as Loctite, has covered this industry’s demand for expendables for some time now.

What Are the Advantages of the New SLA 3D Material?

Henkel’s new material is codenamed Loctite 3D IND408, and it is a high-performance photopolymer intended to be used for industrial 3D printing purposes. This material has properties that allow the printing of parts that are isotropic and need to be moisture repellent. Without any additional handy work, parts printed with IND408 have a glossy finish to them, which is typically what you would want to visualize a product as a prototype, for example. Thermal performance is also excellent, resisting slightly over 100°C when printed. All of these properties make this material ideal for prototyping and fast printing for maximum detail.

The only current drawback to the material is that it is available only in black color, but this will most certainly be a thing of the past sooner than later.

Generally speaking, the advantages of additive manufacturing are becoming more prominent as new major manufacturers enter the market and improve existing material technology. This type of manufacturing is significantly more cost-effective in comparison to CNC machining, which reduces the investment required to push a product out in the open market.