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Eurocoins’ GEN5 TITO Printer Brings Interaction to the Next Level

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Eurocoin Components’ GEN5 TITO

Eurocoin Components is a German-based company that designs and manufactures electronic components and correlated consumable products. It was founded in 1973 in Haar with a strong focus on finding the best way to communicate with the customers to enhance the experience in all feasible ways. Today, after decades of research and development in the machine-to-human interaction philosophy, the company has created foundations in military defense, home appliances, digital signage, gaming and entertainment systems, and more. Today, we will focus on Eurocoin Components’ gaming and entertainment systems, specifically the GEN5 thermal TITO printer, a prime example of its design philosophy and approach to customers.

Features of the GEN5 Thermal Ticket Printer

The GEN5 is a TITO type of printer, which means it takes tickets in and prints them back out. The TITO acronym stands for Ticket-In Ticket-Out. This device has proven the winning bet in the modern casino industry, allowing for cashless interactions with customers. GEN5 can work with platforms that have already been installed and set up for work, regardless of these being local standalone machines or interconnected within a network. Eurocoin Components have focused on providing plenty of connectivity options to the GEN5, so it featured RS232, NetPlex, and USB protocols for communication while also providing advanced features such as jam prevention systems, handling of tickets in an intelligent way, and more.

The classic casino experience depends on quite a bit on machines such as the GEN5 and TITO printers in general, as there is plenty of workload during busy hours. However, many casino businesses have established web-based companies as well, in which all the ticket handling and paying out gets managed differently. In addition, some people prefer to play casino games online, primarily if these websites also feature sportsbooks betting options. These two gaming experiences go hand-in-hand with one another, as the customer can place bets on a sports event, follow it through and toss in a round of roulette or Gonzo’s Quest during the break periods.

Technical Specifications of the GEN5 Thermal Ticket Printer

TITO printers are rarely a case of built-in state-of-the-art components. The engineering behind it mainly focuses on reliability and robustness because of the intense daily workloads. The GEN5 thermal ticket printer gets equipped with 4MB of template capacity, 4MB of graphic storage, and 8MB of RAM, as this is more than enough to hold ticket information and print new tickets once paying out is in order. The communication interface is based on USB 2.0 standard, capable of 12Mbps communication speed, and supported by the RS232 and NetPlex protocols for security. There are plenty of individual sensors built into the unit, and this is where the GEN5 shines. It has sensors for when the paper quantity becomes low and empty, and it can tell whether the drawer gets opened. A black mark, including a buzzer, is easily configured to fit the requirements of a ticket jam.