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Epson printer skipping lines when printing

by Will Kessler
Epson Printer Skipping Lines When Printing

If your Epson printer started to skip lines randomly, do not worry. This is a common occurrence that can be mended in several ways, and today we will describe methods you can use at home, with no special tools necessary. It is important to know that this is usually caused by clogged-up nozzles or even low ink levels in some cases. Let’s check out how to make sure your Epson printer’s nozzles are operating at their optimal level.

How to Clean the Printheads

If you tend to keep forcing the cartridges to print even after the low ink message pops up, chances are your printheads become clogged and dried up. You can try cleaning the nozzles manually, with the assistance of Epson’s software by going into its menu. The following procedure applies to Epson printers that have external mounted displays and controls. To find the appropriate procedure for your model of printer, please consider checking the official Epson Printer Manual.

Press the Home button to reset the menu to its origin. Once you are here, go to Setup and select Maintenance. There is an option named Printhead Nozzle Check, press it and wait for the test page to come out. The page should be filled with ink, so if there are any gaps, your nozzles need to be cleaned. To do this, select the Clean the Printhead option and wait for the cycle to complete.

Physically Moisturize the Ink Containing Sponges

Most Epson printers have small sponges on the ends of the cartridges. If you forced the cartridge over its ink low level, chances are these sponges have gone too dry. You can easily moisturize them again, by using a small type of turkey baster or a syringe, using only a couple of drops. Once this is done, the nozzles should also absorb some of the water and release any dried-up ink.

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