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Epson Printer Printing Blurry Text

by Will Kessler
Epson Printer Printing Blurry Text

Blurry printouts are a common issue affecting all makes and models of printers, and in most cases, it is not a significant problem affecting the printer itself. In this article, we will help you pinpoint the exact reason for which your Epson printer is printing blurry text intermittently or constantly. Most printing quality issues are related to a single component – the printhead nozzles.

Make Sure the Paper You Use Is of Good Quality

Before trying anything else, make sure that your printer is not damp, or the cheapest kind of the bunch. The quality of the paper has a role in the end print job, so it is not something you would necessarily want to save as much money as possible on. Also, there is a chance for damp spots on the paper, regardless of its quality, which is certainly something that could cause blurry printouts. Make sure that the paper you are using matches your printer’s requirements by referring to the Epson Printer Manual for your particular model.

Make Sure the Printhead Nozzles Have No Issues

If the printhead nozzles on your printer are partially clogged up, the printouts might come out as blurry, fuzzy, or even missing parts of the text/picture entirely. There is an easy way to check this out and confirm whether or not this is the root cause of your problem. Most Epson printers with built-in screens have this option within the Settings – Maintenance menu. During the procedure do not open the cartridge door or power off the printer, just let it do its job. If the nozzle test shows issues on the printed test page, you can also initiate the printhead cleaning procedure within the same menu, which will resolve minor problems with the nozzles. If it does not help, you will need to clean the printheads physically, with a rag and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

These two methods have proven time and time again to be quite efficient in resolving blurry text in printouts. However, there is still plenty of topics to cover here, so if these solutions had no effect, check back here as we are still working on an article that will cover more of the same.