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Epson Printer Is Not Printing Colors Correctly

by Will Kessler
Epson Printer Not Printing Colors

If you noticed your Epson printer started to print out incomplete, foggy, or excessive blank lines on color printing jobs, there are a couple of issues that are causing this to happen. Fortunately, some Epson printers have built-in functions that can assist you when dealing with these issues. Some of the cheaper and more budget-friendly models do not, but there are other means to resolve this issue. In today’s article, we will cover some of the most efficient methods that deal with issues with Epson’s printing quality.

Automatic Calibration Might Fix the Issue

For minor issues in terms of color incompatibility with the printing task, software calibration might do the trick. This issue can be also related to color corrections on your display as well, so both the monitor and the printer need to be calibrated one after the other. The Screen Calibration Utility comes bundled together with official Epson drivers and it is the go-to tool to try and resolve minor color incompatibilities. Check out the official Epson Printer Manual for specifics related to your printer.

Major Color Printing Problems

If several streaks are mixing in the colors or completely faulty colors are being printed on the paper, or there is another major issue with the printing quality, chances are your printhead needs cleaning. In some cases, using third-party color cartridges might be causing the issue, so it is always recommended to use genuine expendables for your printers, as this will ensure your printer is working at its peak efficacy. In situations where you did not use the printer for a long time, there is a special utility called Power Ink Flushing, which can help you clean out the nozzles as a self-cleaning procedure.

Please keep in mind that these are just a couple of basic solutions that can help when dealing with issues related to improper color prints on Epson printers. We are working on a fully-featured troubleshooting article that contains all of the solutions and possible causes for these issues so that you know how to mend them.