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Epson printer cannot recognize ink cartridge

by Will Kessler
Epson Printer Cannot Recognize Ink Cartridge

Your Epson printer might be giving you issues related to the ink cartridge error, which is quite annoying as it will prevent the printer to work. This could be caused by a faulty ink level sensor, or you may simply be low on ink. The cartridge will rarely run out of ink completely, and it is important to know this, as you should be able to print out a couple of extra pages still. Let’s take a look at some of the most common solutions for this issue.

Shaking the Printer Cartridge Might Do the Trick

This is one of the most obvious solutions to the problem which also works when your printer starts to plink semi-blank pages as well. You need to power off your printer, open the cartridge lid, and carefully take out the cartridge. Shake it up gently, being careful not to drop it on the floor. You do not need to work this too much, a gentle shake should be more than enough. Put the cartridge back into its place, close the lid, and power on your printer. If this solved your problem, keep in mind you will still need to replace or refill the cartridge as it is running low on ink. On the other hand, this is a good sign that there are no more serious problems with your printer.

Cartridge Reset

On some Epson printer models, cartridges contain a button just above the golden contacts. If you are not sure whether or not your printer has cartridges of this type, check the Epson Printer Manual for your particular model. In case your printer features this type of cartridge, use an extended paperclip to press this button, holding it in for a couple of seconds. This should reset the cartridge itself, temporarily making it think there is still enough ink inside.

This is the first part of our upcoming article related to solving the ink cartridge error on Epson printers. Hopefully, the solutions above have helped you at least temporarily. We are working on finishing up the article that will have more solutions to this problem.