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How to Fix Dymo Labelmaker Printing Blank Labels

by Angelo J Arruda
Dymo Printing Blank Labels

At some point, you might experience your Dymo label printer printing blank labels, and several causes might be causing this issue. In some cases, it is not even related to the printer itself, rather than with your operating system, as it has been reported recently. Today, we are looking forward to providing you with a couple of easy solutions that help in resolving this issue, so you can put your Dymo label printer back to work as soon as possible.

Software Issues Might Be the Culprit

Before attempting anything else, it is a good idea to quickly check if everything is working correctly software side. One of the most recent discoveries was related to the Windows 10 update service, which affected the functionality of the printing software. If you created a label after this update occurred, chances are your Dymo label printer might just start printing blank labels. The solution to this is to download the Dymo Connect software once again and reinstall it, along with the Dymo Label software, and make sure all of these are updated and working correctly. To see if there are any specific additional downloads for your Dymo printer, check out the official Dymo Label Printer Manual as well.

If the issue persists even after the fix above, you need to dig in a little bit deeper. On every Dymo printer, there is a feed button. By pressing it, the label sheet shoots forward, one label at a time. If the label format is correct, one label should advance at the press of a button. If this is not the case, the label roll format might be wrong, so make sure you are using the correct roll for your printer, especially if you changed it recently.

These two solutions might help you on a whim, but there is more to discuss here. We are currently working on a fully-featured article resolving issues related to Dymo label printers printing blank labels, so make sure to check this space in a while.