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My Dymo Label Printer Is Not Printing Labels

by Angelo J Arruda
Dymo Label Printer Is Not Printing Labels

If your Dymo label printer started to act up, in a sense it is not printing labels, or it simply pushes out the paper with nothing on them, chances are the device needs some attention from your side. It is important to isolate the root cause of this problem before attempting to fix the issue, which is why we decided to make sure our readers get the most efficient and safe solution for their printing problems. Let’s take a look at what might be causing the issue, along with solutions for the same.

Make Sure You Are Using Correct Labels

This comes as the most obvious solution, but a lot of new Dymo users are still getting around the ecosystem of this printer. Label printers vary in size, design, and paper formats so there are subtle differences when it comes to the label format. The best place to confirm this for your exact Dymo model is to consult the official Dymo Label Printer Manual, where it is specified with a serial number. You can test if your printer label paper roll is compatible by pressing the Feed button. If the label printer advances anything other than a full label, your label paper format is incorrect. Change the roll to the correct one and try again.

If the roll advances a single label after pressing on the Feed button, as you would expect, the issue is not related to your paper roll, rather in the Dymo Label Software (DLS) or any third-party programs you might be using. Start by creating a new label in the DLS, making sure you are selecting the correct label format. Put some content on the label and try to print it out. If you succeed, the issue was with the wrong label format within the software, so the printer simply did not recognize that problem.

These two solutions are the most common ones. Still, a lot is left to be said regarding the issue of your Dymo label printer not printing labels. If you are still having this problem, even after performing the two tasks discussed above, hold on as we will soon update this article with additional solutions.