Dymo Company History

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Welcome to our Dymo company history overview! When it comes to label printers and label makers in general, you are bound to deal with Dymo at some point. It is, without a doubt, the largest such specialized brand and possibly the longest standing one as it was founded in 1958. For such a niche market, innovation is critical, but implementation of the new technology in a manner which is convenient and easy to use is art in its own regard. Dymo has several sub-brands to its name that make it easy for their customers to distinguish what types of label makers they offer, such as LetraTag or LabelManager. Dymo’s history is also rather interesting, so we decided to include this information on PrinterHeadlines, as we appreciate technology company’s history and believe its knowledge is a key part of any tech enthusiast tool belt.

Watch this space for the final version of Dymo’s company history, we are working on it!