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Difference between laser and inkjet

by Aga Frost Nilsen
Difference between InkJet and Laser Printers

There are two major printing options that are available for individuals and companies to use. First, we have the more common and less expensive inkjet printer that uses ink. Secondly, there is the more precise, more expensive option of a laser printer that makes use of toner. Both ink and toner have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these differences can help individuals or companies find the ideal printing option for them!

Should you go with InkJet printers or Toner based ones?

Inkjet printers are more common as they have a lower upfront cost. Toner cartridges are also more expensive; however, ink cartridges tend to run out much faster which can ultimately lead to inkjet printers costing more, especially for larger volumes of printing.

Laser printers undoubtedly provide higher quality prints. The use of the laser that fuses the toner to the page results in a more precise print. However, inkjet printers do not produce bad quality prints. They are also able to produce clear and sharp images that are not quite as crisp as a toner printer.

In every possible aspect, toner will outlast ink. Toner cartridges last longer than their ink counterparts and laser printers are much longer lasting than inkjet printers. Toner also stays on the page without fading much longer than both types of ink.

The best option depends on how much printing is needed and whether color is required. If fewer, colorful prints are needed, an inkjet printer is the clear option. On the other hand, if thousands of monochrome prints are required per year, a laser printer is the obvious choice as it will be able to print much efficiently while saving money in the long run.