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[Solved] Canon Printer Not Responding

by Jason Bureaoux
Canon Printer Not Responding

Canon printers can stop responding, as is the case with any make and model of printers. For users that depend on the printer’s functionality, it is important to be aware of the methods and procedures that can be taken to remedy the issue. Today we will cover some of the most efficient ways to understand why has your Canon printer stopped responding, and what can you do about it to actually get it up and working again.

How to Reset an Unresponsive Canon Printer

When a printer becomes unresponsive, the issue can be related to data not being modulated correctly on either end (computer or printer), or there is a software error, causing the queue to hold up the next tasks. For both of these issues, the best and fastest way to get it all up and running again is to reset the printer unit. For Canon printers, this can be done by powering the unit off, waiting for at least thirty seconds, and only then remove the power cord from the back. This will make sure that all of the electrical components within the printer that hold any type of data in memory are cleared out. This simple process is the most common successful solution for unresponsive Canon printers.

If the above solution did not work, and your printer is still not receiving any data from your computer, the issue might be related to the Windows services. When it comes to printing, the Print Spooler service does all the work as it manages printing tasks as they are being sent. To reset the Print Spooler service, click on the Start button and type in “services.msc” into the search box. On the following window, select Services, locate Print Spooler, and right-click on it to be able to select the Stop Service button. After this, simply right-click on the service again and select Start. This should fix any issues your Windows might be having with the communication towards the printer.

Keep in mind that there are a couple of more important aspects to cover for this issue. We are working on the fully featured article covering the less common causes and solutions to this issue and will update this space once done.