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[Solved] Canon Pixma Pro 100 Manual

by Jason Bureaoux
Canon Pixma Pro 100 Manual

Canon Pixma pro-100 came out in 2012 and is one of the first models of the Pixma pro series of the A3+ desktop printers. The printer was designed to target photo enthusiasts. The printer is a successor to the PIXMA Pro 9000 Mark II. When the printer first came out, it started at $499. Notwithstanding, you can get it at a cheaper rate on Amazon for $399.

The Canon Pixma pro-100 features a 4800 by 2400 dpi resolution. The printers have an 8-cartridge ink system which creates a wide range of colored photos, and 3 black inks for quality black and white printing. It also features a High-Speed USB for connecting your devices. It has Wi-Fi and an Ethernet connection. The printer also features in-built DVD and CD printing, PictBridge connection, Two-way paper feeding with a dedicated manual feed.

The device is widely accepted by the online community. Based on online reviews from satisfied users, the printer can perform borderless prints up to 13 x 19″, and it can print conveniently from your digital camera, camcorder, etc. Additionally, it has a Pro Printing, which provides professional photographers with efficient and effective print solutions. Furthermore, the device has an AirPrint, which allows users to print from their Apple device without installing a driver.

Where can I download the Canon Pixma Pro 100 Manual?

Before we jump right in to the Canon Pixma pro 100 Manual I wanted to first share some quick solutions for common problems. The first article which we would recommend is how to solve the situation when your Canon printer is in error state, after that we have a solution for the common Canon printer won’t print error. Ok, now with that off the way, your Canon printer user manual can be downloaded on this link: https://sharedf.com/canon-pixma-pro-100-printer-manual/