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[Solved] Canon Pixma MX892 Manual

by Jason Bureaoux

The Canon Pixma MX892 is a three-in-one printer that was released in 2012. This printer comes with wireless capabilities and makes use of inkjet high precision technology. It was aimed at users seeking to move away from high printing costs. Upon the MX892’s release, the printer retailed at about $300. Notably, this price didn’t hold for long and has since dropped to about $100 for a second hand reconditioned printer on Amazon.

This small-sized printer comes with both internal ink cartridges and can be fitted with an external continuous ink flow system. It comes with a WIFI connectivity ability, making it easy to connect it to most of your wireless devices, including phones. Further to this, this printer comes with a high definition scanner that features an inbuilt auto-restore function for if the documents are too faded or blurry.

The Canon PIXMA MX892 was received very warmly by members of the online community. This printer comes with an impressive printing speed of up to 11 pages per minute for colour documents and 12.5 pages per minute for monochrome documents. With this printer, you can attain up to 9600 x 2400 dpi resolution for your coloured photos. The best printing quality for monochrome documents is 600 x 600 dpi.

Where can I download the Canon Pixma MX892 Manual?

Before we jump right in to the Canon Pixma MX892 Manual I wanted to first share some quick solutions for common problems. The first article which we would recommend is how to solve the situation when your Canon printer is in error state, after that we have a solution for the common Canon printer won’t print error. Ok, now with that off the way, your Canon printer user manual can be downloaded on this link: https://sharedf.com/canon-pixma-mx892-printer-manual/