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Complete Brother Printer Error Code List With Solutions

by Melanie Smithens
Brother Printer Error Code List

Welcome to our second troubleshooting guide in our Printer Error Codes series of articles. If you’re new to our site then you’re probably not familiar with the setup, so let me go over it in short.

Every month we take one brand of printers and cover all of the bugs and codes that they can produce. Just last month Rudo was in charge of his guide where he covered all possible Ricoh Printer Error Codes, while today I will be managing my favorite brand – Brother, with all of the various Error Codes this series of printers can produce.

There’s no specific order in which I will resolve each error code, so it’s best that you use CTRL+F and find the right error code that is currently bugging you and your device.

Brother Printer Error Code 03 Solution

Also known as: Error 03, Print Unable 03

The reason behind this error code are issues with either the wires connecting the motherboard with the drum unit, or the metal plates on the drum unit itself. This is an intermediate issue and unfortunately there is no easy way around it.

To resolve the issue, try to power reset the machine by pressing and holding the Brother Printer Error Codes Power Buttonbutton on the control panel until the device shows that it’s “Shutting Down”.  Wait around 10 seconds, then power the machine back on by using the same button. This is the only thing that you can do at this point if you’re not a savvy person comfortable in opening up your machine and cleaning out all the contacts.

If the issue is not resolved, and if you’re still within warranty, contact the Brother customer support or locate an authorized dealer to schedule a product replacement or repair appointment. In case you’re out of luck and the device is out of warranty, then you will need to find an authorized service center and expect repair fees.

The Error Code 03 can be confused with the Error Code E03, these are not the same. If you encountered the E03 one, then that’s an SD card failure. In other words, the problem isn’t the printer, but rather your SD card. Try to check if you locked the card, if it’s corrupted or if the pins on the card itself need cleaning.

Brother Printer Error Code 20 01 Solution

The reason behind this error code is communication difficulties between your Brother machine and the server handling the fax documents.

To resolve the issue try sending the documents once again to see if this is a minor issue possibly caused by interferences on the phone line handling the data.

If the issue is not resolved, the issue is most likely related to the incoming phone line going into your Brother machine. In this scenario, it is always recommended to disconnect as many other devices as possible and eliminate any splitters going into your particular machine. Connect the line directly into your printer’s “Line” port and check if this resolved the initial issue. Once confirmed working, start plugging the rest of the devices back to check if there is a specific machine causing the issue or if it was simply a case of line overload.

Brother Printer Error Code 32 Solution

Also known as Print Unable 32, Machine Error 32

The reason behind this error code is paper or labels that are jammed around the drum or on one side of the unit.

To resolve the issue you first need to verify whether or not there is something stuck around the drum unit.  You will need to disassemble your Brother machine to a certain point, so it is best to consult the official Brother user manual that correlates to your particular device and covers the procedure required to reach the drum unit. Make sure to follow all of the safety guidelines. Once you get to the drum unit, make sure to pull it out carefully and set it on a flat, clean surface. Inspect the drum for any stuck paper or labels and remove it carefully using a tool such as plastic tweezers to prevent any damage. While you are in there, also make sure that there are no printing consumables torn at the back of the printer, behind the drum unit.

Once you are done, place the drum back into its place correctly and re-assemble your machine. Power it up and check if the error message is no longer there.

If the issue is not resolved, your machine might require professional service as there is only so much you can do on your own when it comes to drum units.

Brother Printer Error Code 35 Solution

Also known as Unable to Print 35

The reason behind this error code can be one of the following:

  1. An object is obstructing the movement of a moving part inside the machine
  2. The encoder strip is soiled
  3. General mechanical malfunction

To resolve the issue you will need access to the back of the machine, so pull the plug off of it and rotate it in such a manner that you can work on it safely and comfortably. Brother printers in general have a double lever on the back that opens the jam-clear cover. This is where the first possible solution to your problem might be – paper stuck behind this cover. If you see any paper here, gently pull it out. In case there are no obstructions here, you might want to check the encoder strip.

Before attempting to clean the encoder strip, make sure to have a micro-fiber cloth or something similar that leaves no lint behind. The encoder strip is durable and tough, but you should make sure not to touch it with your bare skin as this can leave oil residue behind. Check your Brother user manual to understand the process required in order to reach the strip so that it can be cleaned.

If the issue is not resolved, you will need professional assistance in order to fix the underlying issue, as it is most likely a complex mechanical malfunction, requiring specialty tools.

Brother Printer Error Code 46 Solution

Also known as Machine Error 46

The reason behind this error code is the ink box purging failure. All Brother printers count purge operations so that the internal container does not overflow with this excess ink. Once this counter reaches a certain number, the 46 error is shown, preventing any further purging from occurring and therefore rendering the machine unusable.

To resolve the issue you will need to reset the purge counter. This is done by entering the machine maintenance mode by pressing the Menu and Start keys together and then pressing the arrow pointing up at least four times. Once in maintenance mode, scroll through the log as this is the fastest way to pinpoint the issue you are having as it was already reported there. Reset the purge counter and reset the printer.

If the issue is not resolved by doing the above steps you might need to replace the ink absorber box altogether before attempting to reset the purge counter.

Brother Printer Error Code 4F Solution

Also known as Unable to Print 4F

The reason behind this error code can be an object lodged into a moving part of the machine, or a general mechanical malfunction.

To resolve the issue you will need to disassemble your Brother machine to a certain extent, so if you are in doubt, please consider checking the official Brother user manual. Once the scanner cover or the rear panel are removed, you will gain an insight into the innards of your printer. With the 4F error code in place, chances are that some paper is lodged in between the rollers, causing the motor to overload and post the said error. Gently pull the paper material out of the printer and reset it, this should remove the error and regain the function of your machine.

If the issue is not resolved your machine has most likely experienced mechanical failure and will require service.

Brother Printer Error Code 50 Solution

Also known as Unable to Print 50

The reason behind this error code is most likely a piece of paper that got stuck between the roller guides or some other moving part inside your Brother machine.

To resolve the issue you will need to gain access to the back of your printer and squeeze levers designed to open the back panel. Once the back cover is removed, observe for any paper that got stuck between the rollers and carefully, by constantly pulling on it, remove it. While you are at it, spend a couple of minutes checking for any other debris that might be here and discard it. Depending on the type of Brother machine you have, you should also expose any other panels, such as the one below the scanner. Check for paper and debris in the same way and remove them as well.

If the issue is not resolved with the steps indicated above, your printer will require professional service.

Brother Printer Error Code 51 Solution

Also known as Clean Unable 51, Unable to Print 51

The reason behind this error code is an issue with the cleaning unit that can be caused by paper or any other object lodged in the carriage.

To resolve the issue you will need to dig deep into your Brother printer so remove as many panels as possible to make it easier for yourself to access all of the components. Remember to disconnect the data and power cable from the printer before removing the panels. The main shaft of the printer has a set of gears that might also be worn out, in which case the guides would slip. If this is the case, you might need to order a replacement part or try to refill the material back onto the gear as a temporary solution.

If the issue is not resolved by successfully implementing the above solutions, chances are your machine will require an overhaul of the mechanical components. It is possible to track down and purchase the main carriage unit, but in reality, this might take too much time rather than sending the unit in for servicing.

Brother Printer Error Code 9923 Solution

Also known as Scanner Error 9923

The reason behind this error code is closely related to the malfunction of your Brother printer’s scanner, whether this was hardware or software-based, such as incorrect driver installation.

To resolve the issue we will go through the most simple solution first. Before attempting anything else, it is a good idea to hard reset your Brother printer. This is very simple to do, you just need to plug the power cord of the socket while your Brother printer is still turned on. Then, wait for at least one minute before plugging it back in. Make sure you are using the wall socket itself, not any surge protectors or similar, as this is critical. Once the printer is plugged back in, press the power button on the printer and let it initialize itself.

If the issue is not resolved, you should attempt to reinstall the printer’s driver. It is best to use the Brother Uninstaller application for this, as it will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date and relevant driver for your device.

Brother Printer Error Code IS052 Solution

Also known as IS052 InstallNetworkDriver

The reason behind this error code is interference in terms of driver executable files or the MFL-Pro Software Suite and the anti-virus or firewall software installed on the computer when you attempt to install drivers off a CD.

To resolve the issue you just need to temporarily disable anti-virus or firewall software for the duration of the installation procedure. Depending on the vendor of your anti-virus or firewall software, the steps may differ quite a bit so it is best to look up the procedure online.

If the issue is not resolved by disabling the anti-virus or firewall software, chances are your computer’s registry needs to be worked on as there might be some underlying issues there. To fix this, consider using a registry cleaner tool that also has the ability to solve registry issues as well.

Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the printer’s inability to connect to a wireless access point or a wireless router for reasons such as system file damage, driver corruption, or improper handling of the hardware components of the printer.

To resolve the issue it is best to repeat the entire wireless connection setup process as this is the most common reason behind this issue. It is recommended to perform a hard reset for this process, to eliminate any chance of the printer having conflicting access point credentials within its setup window. It is important to have a stable and fast Internet connection as this is always the cause for TS errors in general.

If the issue is not resolved by resetting the wireless connectivity, reinstalling the driver along with a hard reset of the printer should do the trick, as this refreshes the entire system. In case this fails, a service technician should take a look at your printer to check the integrity of the configuration files and the machine’s hardware components.

Brother Printer Error Code TS-07 Solution

The reason behind this error code is the printer’s inability to detect wireless access points or routers, mostly because of enabled encryption such as AOSS or WPS.

To resolve the issue it is simply necessary to make sure if your Brother printer is in fact WPS or AOSS enabled, in which case the wireless settings will need to be configured using the automatic preset. Also, it is of utmost importance that you are not stretching the distance between the printer and the Wi-Fi hotspot too far, as this can cause corrupted network data packets and cause the TS-07 error code to appear.

If the issue is not resolved by reconfiguring your Brother printer’s network settings to automatic, use the Network Connection Repair Tool, a convenient piece of software that can set up your Brother’s printer network signature to match with the requirements of the network, providing a quick and easy solution to this problem.