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[Solved] Brother HL-2240 Manual

by Melanie Smithens

The Brother HL-2240 is a monochrome laserjet printer that was released in 2010. This unit was aimed at users looking for a cheaper and more sustainable printing unit. For this reason, this printer lacks most other fancy features including fax and scanning. Upon its release, the printer was price tagged at $100. You presently can still find a used unit going for about $80 on Amazon and other major online markets.

This entry-level printer measures 368 by 183 by 360mm, making it ideal for offices with small spaces. The unit doesn’t come with an LCD display. Instead, the printer comes with LED blinker lights that indicate drum, tonner and other general issues that the printer may run into. It comes with a 250 sheets input tray. Unfortunately, this printer lacks a duplex printing function like most of its peers.

The Brother HL-2240 was designed for the sole function of printing and is designed as simply as it could be. For this reason, the unit received a very warm welcome from users in various online communities. It comes with a USB port that allows you to connect to your PC. You can also connect the printer to your LAN via the conventional network cable with ease too.

There are some issues which you can sort out with just a few clicks, and in those cases a Brother HL-2240 Manual is not needed. One of the most common questions which we get is connected to the wireless printing setup, and if you don’t feel like going through the user manual you can check out our guide here “connect brother printer to wifi”. The second most common question was how do I setup my brother printer to scan to my computer, which we also covered, and last but not least we also compiled a general troubleshooting article that covers questions like why does my brother printer say it is offline. So, if you’re not fond of going through the Brother HL-2240 Manual, those articles are your best bet.

Where to download the Brother HL-2240 Manual

Doesn’t matter if you’re stuck with a printer, phone or any other device, a user manual is essential if you plan to troubleshoot it. The device manufacturers are usually trying their best by providing the paper version of it, but that same piece of paper can be easily lost.  Luckily, sites like ShareDF keep all those user manuals as a digital copy on their server, which also includes your Brother manual. You can get the file under this link: https://sharedf.com/brother-hl-2240-printer-manual/